Why The Air Training Corps?

You've got it in you to be the best you can be.

Select this LINK to find out more information about the organisation, what we expect from a cadet, you as a parent or guardian and answer any concerns regarding your charges well-being or safety. 

Cadet Uniform

Each cadet will be issued with a uniform as a loan at some considerable cost; (approximately £200), which they are required to maintain as long as they remain a member on the corps.

We ask that parents encourage cadet's to maintain it in a clean and pressed condition.  We will show them how to look after their uniform, and ask that you encourage them to do likewise.  They will be shown how to press their uniform, clean their shoes and where to sow on their various achievement badges.

We understand that the way we have shown them how to iron their equipment may be different from what you are used to, but it is important that they use our methods as they will be inspected to ensure they are keeping goods standards.

This encourages self pride and self discipline and will enable them to attend residential camps and maintain their uniform to the required standard.

When a cadet leaves the corps we require the issued uniform to be returned to the squadron and ask that you ensure this is returned along with any monies owed.

Weekly Costs

Each cadet is required to pay £2 subs per week which goes towards building maintenance, heating,electricity and various activities; some subsidised by the squadron.  For this the cadet will be issued with a free uniform and will be offered subsidised, as well as free activities, such as flying and gliding.

Unlike a youth club, the £2 requires to be paid each week whether or nor the cadet attends that week as we are billed for this money based on the number of cadets registered and not on attendance.

Failure to keep subs up to date means that the squadron is out of pocket and this affects our ability to provide subsidised activities funded by the squadron for the cadets.

Civilian Committee Fundraising

We have a volunteer committee who are responsible for raising funds for the squadron. This enhances on the opportunities available for the cadets by allowing the squadron to use these funds to subsidise or provide free activities, purchase equipment or provide free travel costs.

The members are non-staff members and they would be delighted if you could spare your time to join them and help with this worthwhile and rewarding work.

If you would like to get involved in this good work, contact the squadron and we will pass your details to the chairman who will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your offer.

If your company would like to offer funding for the squadron for the benefits of the cadets, please contact the squadron and we will have the chairman contact you as soon as possible

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